42 Days on the Road.

Tomorrow I set off for Silverstar- the first stop in a 42 day whirlwind journey that will take me across the country four times and will include twelve airports stops. We crashed the Air Canada website when trying to book this trip.

The trip will go as follows; Silverstar with 17 OST athletes for ten days.  Next drive to Rossland with 5 Ontario athletes for two more days of races. From there I fly to Whitehorse to do some serious pre and post Christmas skiing. After that I head to Thunder Bay for OCup #1 and get back on the plane and fly to Vancouver for WJT in Callaghan Valley. Finally I’ll fly back to Ottawa and sleep for three days.

Am I freaking out? I’ve been freaking out ever since CCO called me in March to say I’d been hired as the Ontario Head Coach.  I’ve ESPECIALLY been freaking out this week when my fridge and washing machine both broke and I discovered my wax box of klister had EXPLODED.

My two fridge livingroom complete with skis and waxing gear. A packing nightmare.

Sorting through the OST wax box was also a bit of a challenge.

The Wax 'organization' process

Things I have discovered; packing for 42 days that will include rain, snow, possibly -40 temperatures, skiing, coaching, waxing, Christmas, my birthday, a wedding….basically I just took everything I own and tried to stuff it in one bag.

This is basically everything I own.

This is basically everything I own.

I quickly realized what I actually could not live without took up far less space.

Things I COULD NOT live without.

Finally- 5 oversized bags later I’m packed and ready to go.

Baby steps. Baby steps.


3 Comments on “42 Days on the Road.

  1. Thanks for the update, Pav. Give Big Nick a Big Cheer for me. Wish I could be there. You still have The Stranglers on your waxroom playlist, I trust.

  2. wow. looks like living the life as a coach is pretty glamorous. I don’t have two fridges.

    all the best team ontario and coach pav.

  3. I’m pretty pumped to see a tuque I recognize in the “everything you own” pile!
    And yes, I’m reading all of your blogs today.

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