On snow- for now

Today the OST woke up to a pink sunrise and diamond sparkling snowdrifts. I love winter. We spent the morning skiing at Sovereign Lakes, and the afternoon skiing from right outside our door. I love winter.

Today I was also assaulted  by an onslaught of weather related complaints from friends across Canada. Ottawa is having rain and +4, Whitehorse was in the grip of a 30 degree temperature change that took place over a twenty-four hour period. This occurred on the heals of the news that Canada is walking away from the Kyoto Protocol.

The shock and awe around radical temperature fluctuations and unpredictable weather patterns annoys me. We’ve seen consistently over the past 5 years that ‘average weather patterns’ are no longer the norm. We need to acknowledge that climate change is real and accept the unexpected.

As Cross Country Skiers we are perhaps more sensitive to environmental change. Late winters, early springs, and winter rains all wreak havoc on our favorite pastimes. We need snow, we need winter. As such we should be acting as leaders in educating friends and governments to understand climate change. We should also be demanding action. It leaves burning sensation in the back of my throat to think Canada is walking away from Kyoto. We need to change the framework around our thinking. Change does not mean sacrifice- it means understanding what’s important and moving towards what we believe in.

Our actions will speak louder than our words. We need to be leaders- we need to save winter.



One Comment on “On snow- for now

  1. Hear hear! nice blog, it’s now bookmarked among the likes of Johnnyklister, plasteredskier, survival of a skier and superextrablue. See ya soon!

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