Ruminations on Passion

LSD workout today. Over coffee we grab a map and decide the route-around and overtop of the mountain on a trail called ‘Paradise’. Sounds about right. Athletes doing a bit less on their program take the chair lift up with me to ski down to Sovereign and hit the race trails.

Map of our route- Paradise to Aberdeen to Sovereign Lakes


We start off skiing through the village in -1 over fresh tracks of glittering corduroy. A bit of herringbone and next thing you know we’re on the chairlift riding to the top of the mountain in style.

Chairlift win

The descent into Sovereign is a black diamond trail and we take it hard. Eye streaming-leg burning hard. Fifteen minutes later we glide into the lodge sweaty and laughing.

Some people can take the heat. Some people can't.

Midway through the workout my endorphins start to peak—the sun is shining and I am skiing- I’m hammering too hard but I can’t help it. The grip is good and cold breaths of air are clearing out my lungs.

As a coach I have a lot to learn- some days it’s overwhelming. But almost everyday I can say there is nothing I would rather be doing.

They say the secret to success in life is to peruse your passion- it’s no different with racing.  The path to High Performance must be driven by love and passion-not just for the sport but for the moment.

The night before a race it’s easy to loose focus and forget what racing is really about. We’ve all been there. Lying awake and night stressing. Hoping that you beat the dude you’re gunning for. Worrying what the results will reflect about your fitness, technique, worst of all your natural ability.  It’s even easier to let results crush you. Not every race turns out the way you’d hoped.

The night before a race I like to ask athletes what they’re pumped about. What are they looking forward to most about tomorrows race? Racing is hard- and midway through an epic z4 climb if the question ‘why am I doing this’ pops up you better have the answer.

You have to race because you love it. You have to be able to find that moment where you think ‘there is nothing I would rather be doing’.  If you can find that moment then the shitty races don’t matter. What else are you going to do but embrace the challenges and improve every single day.



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