Pain, suffering and some sic beats.

Yesterday in prep for this weekends NORAMS the OST ran through a hard intensity set. For many of our athletes this was their first on-snow intensity of the season. Combine that with the elevation[Sovereign lies at 5500ft, compared to Ottawa at 230ft]- and the result is pain. Wonderful, glorious pain- the kind that gets you ready to suffer for real when it comes to race day.

We ran through a set of four z4 intervals- the first two were roughly 3-4min and climbed from the stadium to the top of the long climb on their distance race course. The second two intervals followed immediately as sprint simulations. From a coaching perspective the intensity was a great opportunity for me to watch the athlete’s technique under an extreme workload [lactates were around 12-13].

Last night I put the video on the big screen and let the athletes learn by watching themselves and their teammates.

The suffering- with some really sic music- for your enjoyment;


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