Quick Update

The past few days with the OST have gone by faster than a carton of eggs at the boys house [last count they ate 3 dozen eggs in 1 day].

This kid eats at LEAST a dozen eggs a day. He is UNREAL- also, pretty fast.

There has been skiing, ski testing, race prepping, special guests, a small fire and MANY rounds of Apples to Apples. Pictures speak louder than words though so here is a summary of what we’ve been up to;


Daily grocery run. No joke. Daily.


Today we hit the sprint course for some serious pre-ski/tactical discussion. In the afternoon we waxed like champs and got all 17 pairs cleaned, sanded, glide waxed and topped in 2.5h. After a succinct coaches meeting and a delicious dinner of burritos [compliments of my amazing team]- we hammered out some pre race planning and goal setting.

Tonight is the calm before the storm. Tomorrow is going to be a long, logistically challenging day. But I am SO pumped. I cannot wait to see this all star team hit the snow. As one athlete put it;

“No technique work, no intervals, no heart rate monitor, no lactates. Just me and my skis going as fast as I possibly can on perfectly groomed trails.”

That sounds good enough for me. Check in tomorrow to hear how it went….


Full moon tonight- the calm before the storm.


2 Comments on “Quick Update

  1. Thanks for the updates Pav. Hope there’s not too much POP going on out there! We’re envious of your snow.
    Pembroke’s cheering for OST – great wax and best of luck to everyone.

  2. You guys play Apples to Apples!??
    I’m so jealous.

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