Silverstar Sprints

Today was awesome- and long. I spent a lot of time refamiliarizing myself with corks [not the wine kind]. If I were to write a blog post right now it would most likely turn towards a discussion weighing the merits of Multigrade over SwixVR 45….

Portrait of a person who does NOT want to further the discuss the merits of Rode Multigrade vs VR 45

Instead I thought I’d give the athletes a crack and writing a post about today from their perspective. I hereby waive all liability associated with the following content;

“There is nothing like thefirst race of the year.  It couldn’t have been a better day to strap on a pair of boards and go for a ski.  The sun was shinning, the wax was good, smiles all around.

Good day for girls from Ontario in the Juvenile Girl category. Sadie and Madi picture here-poised for their start.

We the athletes all performed to our fullest.  For some it ended in heartbreak, and for some of us there were podium finishes. Ben Wilkinson-Zan won Gold in the Junior boys category speaks of his race: “I never led in any of my heats until the last 200m.  All in all, I ended up winning a pair of Blizz glasses”.

We thank the wax team of Pav, Dave, Adam, and our manager Amanda for making the skis super fast and [mostly] super grippy, and making the day run smoothly.  We also thank Rob for [stabbing us with pins to take our lactates] our delicious, strawberry flavored recovery drink, and driving us to and from the racecourse many times.  Today would not have been possible without all of the efforts from all our coaches, THANKS!

Today three of us, Julian, Angus, and Scott raced up a category in the junior men category.   Julian talks of his racing today, “it was an interesting experience to race a new group of people.  We don’t usually race them but we could potentially be them  in the years to come”.

To make the day better we were racing in the middle of the beautiful mountains we’ve been living and skiing at for the past week.  It was cool to know that we were racing on former world cup trails.

To sum it up, it was the best day EVER!*

Love, the athletes”

*”Today is the best day, EVER” is a bit of a motto here on the OST.

Anyday your coffee mug is a Bodum Press is "The best day EVER"


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