JP Auclair get ready- this is All.I.Can’t, the XC Edition

For those of you not up to date- I am currently in Rossland with 5 athletes from Ontario getting ready for this weekends NORAM races.

Most of you will by now have seen the JP Auclair street segment from the award winning film ‘All.I.Can’. If you haven’t seen it- well I can only guess you’ve just learned to make fire and are busy re-inventing the wheel. This movie has gone viral with over 10,00 hits per day since it hit the web.

How is the JP Auclair film related to the fact we’re in Rossland?

Well- the film was shot in Trail BC, a mere 15km from where we’re staying. As giant nerds obsessed with how cool skiing is we realized we had an opportunity that we couldn’t let pass by .

The result- ‘All.I.Can’t’ the XC response.

*UPDATE- JP Auclair- the legend himself has SEEN our video and commented on it. Then Sherpas Cinema’s- the guys behind the film All I Can retweeted our vid. Unreal turn of events. Today is the BEST day!

Here’s the original video to watch fist [so you can really appreciate the similarities in style and skill LOL].

And here ladies and gentlemen, for your enjoyment- is our version.

Feel free to share with your friends and let us know what you think!


14 Comments on “JP Auclair get ready- this is All.I.Can’t, the XC Edition

  1. Oh.My.God.

    I can’t even…
    … This is so brilliant.

    Oh and good luck this weekend in your races!

  2. Hope you’ve enjoyed making yours as much as we enjoyed making ours 😉
    Trail is awesome! The comments about how the pavement must be recking the skis gets old after a while but.. ..I hope you’ll be using different ones for the races! Good luck!

    (my twitter is actually @auclairjp, @jpauclair is some computer programer guy..!)

  3. So this is why we bring rock skis to ski trips…
    I’m so Impressed Pav. At first I was thinking to myself that there was no way they would make a 5 minute video. Then i thought about it for a sec and I was like “wait a minute, this is Pav we’re talking about”…
    Hope everyone has great races this weekend!

  4. Sera Tempio and Barry and Aaron Birosh

    OMG! Another great Pav Production. Thoroughly enjoying almost being out there with you guys.

  5. Ahahahaha that was fantastic!!!! 😛 Kinda made my life a little bit… Hats off to Pav productions!!! (must say my favourite part was when Pav jumped out from behind the dumpster and started throwing snowballs) Good luck this weekend guys!!!

  6. and this is why i shouldve gone to trail!! That was pretty hilarious guys, sick line. 😉

  7. That is off the hook. I laughed I cried. It moved me.

  8. Your brilliance is proven again. You guys continue to raise the nordic bar. Have fun in the snow!!!!!!! Oliver says hi.

  9. Chris (CBH) Bloch-Hansen, Fresh Air Experience Ottawa.

    UNBELIEVABLE! I am going out to ski around town right now, even if there is NO snow here in Ottawa. I am inspired!! Good luck in the races today Ontario and happy resting after. Snow is coming to Ontario this week.

    Hugs and kisses, CBH, FAE.

  10. SICK video!! great job guys, it kind of made my day 😀 hope you all had tons of fun!!

  11. Nice work Pav-and to all the skiers too. Hard to emulate JP Auclair-but you and crew pulled it off well. I’m wondering how you found the time to do this-and do the grocery shopping (that looks like it’s as epic as the drive to Rossland) and then coach. You must not sleep…

  12. Where is the video now??? Trying to show my American roommate. Bummer.

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