Harsh travel day from Thunder Bay to Whistler. Flight cancellations, oversize baggage charges, night time driving….but


Here’s the view from our kitchen window.

Whistler from our kitchen this morning.

Whistler [or more specifically the Whistler Olympic Park in Callaghan Valley] is the site of this years World Junior Trials, as well as the site of Nationals 2013.

Hardwood and Ontario Ski Team athlete Jenn Jackson is currently here with me. Ashley Huet and Erin Yungblut of Highlands, Scott Hill of Hardwood and Eli Hayden-Thomas of Georgian Bay Nordic will be joining us later today.

The first race is a Skiathlon on Thursday which will combine both skate and classic techniques.

For a really wicked video showing the tiny community of Whistler as if it were a snowglobe check this out!

For real up to date weather forecasts from C-Valley check out this site;

Also- check in soon for the latest breaking news here in Whistler…also- Jenn and I are keeping track of the ugliest downhill gear we’ve seen. Check in for our Top 10 Ugliest list before the week is over.



One Comment on “Whistler

  1. Hey Pav, best of luck to the OST gang in the Trials! Wish I was there too.

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