The Battle on the Plains of Abraham

DISCLAIMER: I have a TERRIBLE knowledge of early Canadian History. What follows is a rough historical account based on what people on the race trail vaguely remembered…and Wikipedia.

Today a legendary battle went down on the Plains of Abraham. It was for the domination of Canada. Ok it was for a Canadian championship title in the category of Team Sprint.

Team Sprint- British Army 1759 style.

Much like the legendary battle of 1812 [not really- actually in 1759]- the real business was between the French [Quebec] and the Eeeenglish [Ontario].

These are the Eeeegnlish mongrels I am referring too…

The Ontario Force- aka Pav's Crazy 44

The morning started out quiet and foggy.

This photo is meant to re-enforce my point that it was- in fact, quiet and foggy.

Arriving in a variety of Dodge Caravan rental vans- Ontario rolled in. Their wax tech’s quickly sought power [literally, not figuratively] and the athlete sought…a place to warmup. There was no literal scaling of the legendary cliffs but here is a picture of them anyway.

According to Wikipedian History- the British ascended this cliff then deployed for battle on the plateau. That's almost what happened today...

According to XC Ottawa coach John Suuronen the battle on the Plains back in “Old Times” only lasted 17min. The same was pretty much the case for most teams heats. [The fastest Open M time was 14:52 but most were more around 17min].

Ontario domination occurred right off the bat with the CCUNC team categories. Our women [repped by Alannah McLean and Andrea Lee] took gold. Our men’s teams [Harry Seaton and Leif Lennie, Greg Kilroy and Ben Jones] took 2nd and 3rd.

OK- history has a tendency to re-write itself and sometimes it’s not always for the best. Unlike in 1759 neither the British nor the French Generals died right off the bat [Ok- a good thing for me and Genevieve].

The Death of Montcalm. What a drama queen.

Also- BC and the Yukon were not so much a factors back in the days of Upper and Lower Canada. They are much better and more dominant force on the ski battlefield now.

Here- to give you better sense of the days course- is a quick video I took of the Challenge Boys Final. Please turn down your computer volume as I do some yelling close to the camera.

For the Open Women’s category we called in the Big Guns. Alana Thomas [OST athlete fresh off her OPA Tour], and local Olympian [nbd] Perianne Jones [literally flown in from the World Cup]. They brought us home the gold medal for Open Women. Nicely done! Great success!

A good day overall. I like to remind athletes that Team Sprint days are all about giving athletes the opportunity to work out the kinks in their system and shake out the jitters. Monday is go time.

Finally- here are a few more fun shots from today.

The extent of our St. Patty's Day celebrations.

You'd think with a Porsche he could afford better skis...


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