Ten Awesome Things I did in April

The snow melted, nationals finished and suddenly the athletes were gone. March 26th my 1st year on the job [and 183 days on the road] ground to a halt. It was like that moment when your hot wheels car flips over- suddenly it’s not moving but the little mechanical wheels are still madly whirring. So- with far fewer travel commitments in April what exactly did Pav get up to?

#1 Went to Yosemite Park and stared at some epic rock faces.

Five days after Nationals I was in Yosemite Park. I’d hopped on a plane, flown to San Francisco and driven the rest of the way. I spent early mornings revelling in the famed rock faces of El Capitan and the Half Dome and afternoons hiking under mist swept waterfalls.

Sunrise on the Half Dome

Upper and Lower Falls

#2 Stared at the ocean, then threw rocks into it.

The Pacific Ocean is pretty cool. On the rocky shores of Northern California it’s spectacular. I watched Grey Whales on their migration up to Alaska [I tried to give them some pointers of good areas I’d been too]. I watched seals sleeping on sandy beaches. But mostly I simply watched gushing white-capped waves hurl themselves at the shore over and over again. When I got bored I threw rocks into the ocean. Sometimes I threw messages in bottles into the ocean too.

HWY #1 from San Francisco is all pretty much like this

#3 Contemplated some very big, very old trees.

The Redwood forests near the Oregon border have some big ‘ol trees, like 2,000 years old. As the American’s like to point out “these trees where here when Jesus walked the earth, and when the pyramids were being built.”

I spent two rainy/snowy days walking through the Redwoods. Every once in a while the sun would break out and filter down from the branches hidden somewhere impossibly high overhead. In the sun the thick red tree bark would start to warm and steam. I’ve seen a lot of cool things in my life but the Redwood forest was a new experience entirely.

It’s hard to convey the scale of these trees.

Steaming Redwood

#4 Ran to the Golden Gate Bridge & Rode a Streetcar

If the run doesn’t kill you- there’s always a back up plan.

Not much more to say on that matter- other than I loved San Francisco. Priorities there are ranked as such; #1 exceptional coffee, #2 delicious food, #3 men with facial hair, #4 alternative forms of transportation and urban green spaces. Love Love Love.

#5 Reconnected with friends

For every day I spent home this year I spent another day on the road. The last time I saw my friend Megan she was hardly pregnant. Now she is super pregnant. Christina is going to London for grad school in 2 months. Hudson is at least 2″ taller than me now. Sara is moving to Australia. Kate went to Africa. Allison may someday come back to Canada. A lot of things changed over the winter- I had a lot of catch up to do. [ps- Kieran didn’t change at all, but I saw that dirty bearded dude almost everyday.]

#6 Had an unsolicited showing of my work at the Museum of Nature

I went to the Museum of Nature [to look at rocks]. I happened to have a roll of tape and some freshly printed copies of some of my pictures from California in my bag. I decided the Art Gallery deserved some ‘spicing up’. I got four pictures up before I was asked to stop. This event has no photographic evidence. Except for this picture of the rocks.


#7 Read some books

This was- by far, the best one. I’m not kidding this book is hilarious. Go and ask your local library/book retailer for a copy.

Yeah- I bought this book. I now know how to properly classify pencil shavings. An afternoon well spent.

#8 Went to my first Baseball Game

Until recently I had never seen a baseball game played. Not on TV, not in real life. But two years ago I decided to someday become a die-hard Red Sox fan. This is the year. I have tickets to a Yankee’s Red Sox game in Fenway Park [or Paac as it’s pronounced] July 8th. So I’ve taken a lot of books about baseball out from the Public Library. I also went to my first game [Jays vs. Oriels] in Toronto. It was awesome. It moves exactly slow enough for me to understand. I am now a huge Red Sox/baseball fan.

Can you sense my Bostonian enthusiasm?

#9 Trail RunningIs there anything more satisfying that an early morning trail run in Gatineau park? Misty mornings, mud holes, and solid rock hopping. It’s not fast when I do it, but it’s fun.

#10 Peppered Wellington st with ludicrous posters

Friday morning. 5:00am. 150 of the following posters peppered over 6 blocks. Boom. Happy Friday.

Epilogue: Why.
April is a tough month.  At some point someone in your life will pass away. Hopefully it’s not sudden, and hopefully it’s not ‘too soon’. Over the past two years three amazing, inspirational forces in my life were lost. They were boundary pushers who squeezed a lot out of life, however short. April is for Honza, Reid, and Liz- with all my love, everyday.

Have your own awesome month.

In case you need some inspiration;


3 Comments on “Ten Awesome Things I did in April

  1. Pav,
    Yet another great blog post. I read it on my phone while waiting for an appointment. I was scrolling along thinking about what awesome things I could get up to next month then came across the cat picture and laughed so loud it greatly startled the people in the room with me. LOVE it. 🙂

  2. Great post Pav,
    always enjoy reading your blog!

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