Germany- where the Wetter-ack is super-becht and the Ski kondition-icht is uber-crazy-good!*

*this is an example of PavGerman [not legit but we’re getting by]

This year the OST opted to embark on a new on-snow adventure that would take us to Oberhof, Germany. This picturesque town in the heart of central Germany is a Nordic haven and the home of the worlds longest ski tunnel. With a team primarily comprised of Junior Girls and Boys Oberhof presented an ideal training opportunity with an altitude of roughly 800m [and guaranteed perfect snow conditions].

The quest for summer snow however, is not one to be undertaken lightly. The trip began with the team congregating in Toronto [from the respective corners of Ontario], an 8h transatlantic flight to Frankfurt, and finally a 3h drive to Oberhof. I feel we spent our time well.

Hanging at the airport

The 24h of travel went surprisingly well! Ok- except for the 2 hour period in which I fully lost the team in the worlds largest and most confusing airport. Never mind though, I found them in the end. Driving a standard Mercedes van full of athletes on the autobahn [where the 130km/h speed limit is a ‘recommended speed’] was also an exhilarating experience. Ha.

Any residual fatigue we were experiencing this morning was trumped by our excitement to re-enter the magical world of winter and go skiing! Our first day in ski tunnel [actually an above ground structure] did not disappoint. The infrastructure itself is pretty swanky with a ski shop and café/bar overlooking the trails, a heated wax room downstairs, and even a ‘coach bunker’ complete with 20 TV screens of the trails [and an intercom so you call yell at your athletes]. Awesome. But enough about that. More about the snow.

SWOOSH. Automatic hydraulic doors open and you immediately step from +21 and sunny to -5 and snowing. It’s a crazy, surreal experience. The trail is double wide and runs for a total of 1.8km. Snow conditions are fast [& they play Katy Perry on the speakers].

Today we cranked out a 2h ski with sprints. Athletes reported feeling snappy and fresh after their initial warm-up. I report feeling wildly happy at being on snow with an opportunity to work for a full week on our athletes technique, also- a bit chilly.

“It’s always -5 and snowing here!”

So for the next 8 days we’ll be here- skiing in the tunnel each morning [with rotating company with the Czech national team and the Norwegian nordic combined team], eating lots of goulash, watching lots of Olympics and filling our afternoons with recovery workouts. Ha- but I’m sure we’ll have a few more adventures along the way. Stay tuned!

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