Germany [from Baisa, Madi, and Jess’ perspective]

Entrance to the Ski Tunnel or as Pav calls it- the International Space Station

Germany is definitely a different country than Canada, the people and their language, the food, and most importantly the skiing. So, today was our first day of classic skiing in the tunnel, and our first day of being allowed to nap (for the first two days, no napping was allowed to help with jet lag)! While we were skiing, we saw two more national teams: Japan and Germany.  So thus far we’ve seen team Germany, Czech Republic, France, Japan, and Italy. With still a week to go hopefully we see even more teams. The Czech national team was doing a super intense double pole workout (talk about intimidating!) maybe we can learn a thing or two! This tunnel has also taught us that many Europeans have no shame, and are maybe even intimidated by us! They never seem to smile or say hi back. The Ontario Ski Team is also pretty famous here, as we often have tourists coming into the tunnel to take pictures of us, or sporadically bursting into applause while we roller ski.

OST- a pretty intimidating crew.

Being skiers [always being hungry] Germany is really a good place for us to be. The Sports Hotel offers us food all throughout the day. We all love the breakfasts here, personally we think that it’s the best meal, and we wish it could be all day every day! [cold cuts, bread, cheese platters, yoghurt, chocolate muslix, donuts, bacon, eggs, it just goes on!] We find that a lot of the foods included in lunch and dinners are super salty, and they rarely serve water that isn’t carbonated.

Oberhof and the Oberhof Sports Hotel offer so many different sports, including track and field, tennis, ping-pong, volleyball, skiing, and bowing. We’ve been taking advantage of this playing Tennis-Ping-Pong (an intense game we invented) and planning some nightly activities. The town is very tourist oriented, with lots and lots of small shops, and cafes. The Germans certainly seem to love their tea and coffee, and for a good reason because it’s delicious. The buildings, and the set-up of the town is old-fashioned, with lots of wood, and flower boxes, and yesterday we even saw two horses pulling a buggy, right in the middle of town!

For our afternoon workout today, we did a skate roller ski for the first time in Germany. The town is so ski-oriented; they even had a roller ski park, which was filled with skiers! The trails are exactly like winter-ski trails but are simply paved for great summer training. Definitely nothing like this in Canada!

Jess is pumped about the opportunity to rock-it on the Rollerstreicker trails

After our workout, Toivo made an attempt at communicating with some of the Germans, even though they spoke zero English, and he spoke next to no German. It was a very difficult conversation for Toivo, but a rather amusing one for the rest of us. That’s been one of the difficult things here, but we seem to get by with our clueless looks our excellent charades, and mini German phrase books.

Stay tuned for more! Aaron, Ben and Cam are writing our next post!

Blog Post composed by Barbara, Madison, and Jessica

Random quality photo


One Comment on “Germany [from Baisa, Madi, and Jess’ perspective]

  1. madi, jess and basia, what a great blog! thanks so much for keeping us up to date way back here in canada. we are starving to hear more and speaking of food, i can only imagine that madi was the author of the food part of the blog! you folks are amazing and so fortunate to be there. remember you are there because you are also very talented! Nap lots…. cynthia (madi’s mom)

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