Germany- Training Secrets revealed

Brought to you by Basia Gunka

A few more days into the trip, we had Intervals Round 2. This time a little more intense, and a little bit harder.

At this point in time most of us athletes are starting to feel the fatigue and the soreness off the long days and hard trainings. We began our workout with a warm up and started the intervals all together, but at different sections of the 1.8 kilometer tunnel loop. We all did variations of 6×3 minutes or 5-6×4 minutes. However, the big change regarding these intervals was that the first half was to be skied in zone 3 while the last half was to be skied zone 4. This is a different type of intensity and was new to most athletes. This not only gave us the opportunity to battle the pain associated with skiing in zone 4, but also the psychological battle. We worked on compartmentalizing where our pain was coming from, then focusing on different things to offset the pain. Training in this way will help all of us tremendously this winter, because when it comes to racing it’s never easy; physically or mentally.

Another thing we worked on, alongside the actual training session was the little things. This included pre-workout snacks, snacks during the workout, and simply ensuring that recovery was as important as the workout itself.

During our many workouts, our fabulous coaches have also been constantly taking video footage of all athletes. Before this interval session we went into it knowing what each of us had to focus on technique wise. It is one thing to ski technically well slow then when at high speed and with the fatigue that sets in after a certain threshold is passed. This particular workout gave us the opportunity to ski well with the stress of such a hard workout, and constantly be getting feedback. That’s the great thing about such a short loop, you’re always being watched!

All in all I can speak for all athletes when I say that we will be leaving the beautiful country of Germany a little faster and stronger, with better technique, and excitement for the winter ahead. Watch out Canada!


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