Coaches Meeting Notes [March 21st]

All courses (and stadium) will be groomed and marked same as race day
Race courses will open for skiing on training days at 9am and will close at 3pm.

All racers must pick up their timing chips upon entrance into the stadium. Athletes must arrive in time to pick up their chip prior to the start. Avoid skiing through the lap and finish area once you have your chip in order to avoid accidentally activating your chip.
Bib pickup 7:30
By club or university depending on selection upon registration.
Team sprint lists MUST be submit by noon tomorrow (online or at race office)
Trail passes and banquet tickets can be picked up at the race office
 Weather forecast can be found on the which contains info on a drop down link from weather station on the race site.
Fertilizer will be used as needed on course.
Parking is on the lower level. No parking up near main chalet
Civilian park access (9am-4:30pm)
Staff/team parking- 6pm to 10:30
Event parking permits are required for those teams staying on site after 4:30
All ski trails are CLOSED for skiing at 4:30pm including wax testers
please wear your trail pass in your pocket or wear race bib inside out of warming up off race trails
PARA parking get parking up at top parking lot (get passes at race office)
Ontario allocation written on whit board in race office. 
Race office will provide keys with a $20 deposit
After 4:30 pm no outdoor tents or equipment can be left on trails
Athlete warming facility in biathlon area for those with wax rooms in that venue
Provincial athletes are granted access to High performance training Center gym

2 Comments on “Coaches Meeting Notes [March 21st]

  1. Thanks so much Pav!!! Appreciate this very much!!

    Sent from Angela’s iPhone

  2. Hi Pav I don’t have your cell # to text so hope you get this reminder to let us know what time Joe races and whatever else we need to know from the meeting. Thanks so much! My cell is 705-529-9494. Thanks Ange

    Sent from Angela’s iPhone

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