How DID we do at Nationals 2013?

Nationals has wrapped up and the 2013 season is officially over. After Nationals a I took a short break and went camping in Oregon and northern California. It was a time to digest and reflect, plus nothing gets klister off as effectively as ocean water and sand. IMG_2353

Now that I’m back everyone keeps asking me, how did Nationals go?

The first metric I’ll use answer this question is Ontario’s Divisional results. According to this fancy graph Ontario ranked 3rd behind Quebec and Alberta. If we just take into account our Junior ranking Ontario finished 4th [no improvement over 2012]. My initial reaction to this is to build a blanket fort and hide inside feeling depressed and overwhelmed. HOLD ON!

In order to correctly interpret the results look at how we did compared to last year and note the margins of separation. Spoiler alert- we actually did a lot better.

Overall Results 2012 2013
Divisional Ranking 4th 3rd
# of athletes in Top 5 Aggregate 4 8
Number of points BEHIND 1st 1,295 378
Number of points BEHIND 2nd 481 197

If we look strictly at the Junior points breakdown

Junior Results 2012 2013
Number of points behind 1st 1837 1023
Number of points behind 2nd 875 84
Number of points behind 3rd 321 78

In case your eyes glazed over as soon as you saw a graph here’s the significant stuff;

Ontario doubled the number of athletes they had in the Top 5
-We closed the gap to being the 1st ranked in the country from 1,295 to 378 points.
-In the Junior category we closed the gap by 791 points to finish only 84 points from 2nd place.


Beyond that I’ll tell you why I thought Ontario did a better job at this Nationals than I’ve ever seen before, we worked together like hero’s. It was Helen Lindfors idea to have me drag over 500lbs of wax gear all the way to Whistler with 6 pairs of test skiis. We made Dave Tindall test wax from dawn to closing. Every coach and wax tech in Ontario worked hard. The difference was this year I saw a level cooperation & quality information sharing amongst Ontario coaches that I haven’t witnessed in the past. There was a genuine atmosphere of mutual respect and teamwork happening amongst clubs. Ontario’s clubs are what move us forward. They provide the coaching and programs that bring athletes to Nationals ready to perform. I believe that job is being done well, and that even better plans are in the works for next year. A big, heartfelt thank you to all the clubs, their hardworking coaches, and all of their volunteers.

The truth is- I’m not really much of a numbers lady. Before I crunched the data I knew we’d done better. We’d prepared harder, we’d brought a better A game, and we worked together better. As I’ve sometimes told athletes  “You’ve done all the hard work. Tomorrow could be the best race of your life. It may not be, the point is that it could be.” Ontario did pretty well at Nationals. Did we achieve our best; not yet, but the point is…it’s coming.

Who could forget the time the ON Girls literally swept the podium!

Who could forget the time the ON Girls literally swept the podium!


One Comment on “How DID we do at Nationals 2013?

  1. Congrats, Pav on a year where the team made great progress. Kudos to the athletes, coaches, equipment people, families, volunteers and supporters. And kudos to you as well for your vision, commitment and leadership. Nothing happens without people believing that they can be successful and your role is key in keeping that idea burning brightly in the people you work with.

    All the best next year. Maybe we will see you again at the cottage- Blackstone?


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