Oberhof Update in 10 Tweets

The Ontario Ski Team is training on snow in Germany for the next ten days! Northeast of Frankfurt is the small town of Oberhof [host of several WC & TDS races] and in the summer Oberhof boasts a 1.8km enclosed ski tunnel. It’s essentially a giant fridge with excellent training opportunities. For a more fascinating review of training in Oberhof check out my final blog post on the trip from last year here. Updates will be coming in regularly this week on how training is going this year.

Kicking things off for us this year is OST athlete Mia Serratore. She’s written her update on the first 48h in Germany in a series of tweets. Here are her unfiltered, uncensored tweets;

  • @PiratePav’s sense of direction… #NotSoGreat  #extreme4hours

Ok- so for a VARIETY of reasons we ended up near Stuttgart before recalbrating the German-only speaking GPS to take us back up north to the REAL Oberhof. The team was very patient and the tunes were killer. As you can see from this video, no one was really suffering

  • I have officially been awake for 30 hours straight without caffeine
    #NewRecord #TravelLife #NotEvenTired

    Mia's 'Ive been awake for 30h' face.

    Mia’s ‘Ive been awake for 30h’ face.

  • Just had a really great dinner. The food in Germany is so good!
  • I love when the ski tunnel closes at 4 on Sundays and they don’t event tell us. Roller Skiing in +30 degrees is so great #ShitNobodySaysIMG_2958
  • When you buy a 30 euro soccer ball and you kick is so hard it rips. Quiting skiing and becoming a professional soccer player
  • Awkward moment when guys are wearing shorter shorts then you #GermanBoys [no pictures available]
  • Trying to scrape skies with a pencil #DosentWorkSoWell #GivingUpScreen Shot 2013-07-29 at 7.54.13 AM
  • Unisex change rooms #KeepYourPantsOn
  • I see you have the Arc of the Covenant Herr Jones #Indianan Jones

    Herr Jones!

    Herr Jones

    We also went skiing yesterday! IMG_2935

Thanks for reading all! Check out tomorrow’s update on classic skiing in the tunnel, cultural escapades in Germany and more coming soon!


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