Oberhof in Numbers

By Victor Hopper

Since arriving in Oberhof three days ago, our team has enjoyed some wonderful German experience while getting in some excellent on snow training.  We have encountered many adventures on our trip so far, mostly due to the German speaking GPS in our passenger van which led us in the wrong direction several times. We have been extremely well fed during our stay so far. The variety of foods at breakfast keep us fueled up for our morning workouts and leaves us barely able to finish the three-course lunches they serve.

Our days so far have consisted on an on-snow workout in the ski tunnel in the morning, followed by a recovery workout in the afternoon. In between workouts we have passed the time by power-napping, playing soccer and sipping lattes in the local cafés.

All athletes have been working hard on transferring their technique from spring/summer training to their on-snow skiing.

We were all surprised yesterday when the Russian National men’s distance team showed up in the DKB Skisport Halle in the morning. Skiing behind men like Alexandre Legkov and Maxim Vylegzhanin, who finished 1st and 3rd respectively in the Tour de Ski last year, was an inspiring sight.

Our team has put in four on snow workouts so far.

This morning the team completed our first on-snow intensity session of the camp.  The athletes completed 5-6/6min intervals in their technique of choice. This afternoon the team will head to the local gym to pump some weights.

Tomorrow will be the first big volume day for the team with athletes skiing 2.5-3.5 hrs in the morning in the ski tunnel. Later, there is talk of a Segway tour around the city of Oberhof.

  • Holes in my middle finger from lactate testing – 2
  • Russian World Cup skiers in Oberhof ski tunnel – 6
  • Russian World Cup skiers in the tunnel who are 2 feet taller than me – 6
  • Times Russian coach looked at me disapprovingly, probably trying to figure out what punishment he would send me to Siberia for if I was his athlete – 7
  • Number of times Sadie White and Mia Serratore heckled the young German men who were roller skiing – 2
  • Times I was yelled at in a foreign language by fluorescent orange hair lady – 2
  • Times the Russian sit-skier went up the steep hill faster than I did – 5
  • Strikes during our bowling game yesterday – 123
  • Minutes it took it rip the 15 euro soccer ball – 18
  • Pounds gained from the delicious food –several
  • Distance from Frankfurt to Oberhof – 210km
  • Amount of video footage I took on the drive to Oberhof (according to Pav) – too much
  • Good looking German girls I saw on my roller ski – 2, but not enough
  • Switchback corners I almost crashed on roller skiing – 3

Tune in tomorrow to find out more about our first big on snow volume ski…and a cross boarder cultural adventure…IMG_2990


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