Winter 2014 has arrived.

You’re probably sitting somewhere sipping a pumpkin latte, looking at the fall colors and thinking “hey now Pav, don’t be hasty.” Well buckle up Treebeard[1] because a white raven just arrived from the Citadel[2], winter is here.

Frozen Thunder, a 2km loop of stored/man made snow rolled out in Canmore Friday night. It’s the earliest domestic on snow training opportunity North America has and, according to Matt Whitcomb [US National Ski Team coach] “is the best October skiing in the world.”[3] Boom. Enough said. You had me at ‘snow’.

You had me at 'snow'

You had me at ‘snow’

OST and NDC athlete Jenn Jackson and I are here for the CCC Junior National Team camp. Traditionally being named to the Junior National Team has involved some clothing and cash, but this year CCC has gone more towards an integrated camp support model for it’s athletes. So far it’s been pretty BOSS.

Day 1-
Technique with National Team coaches Eric DeNys and Justin Wadsworth. Kieran Jones [who’s also here with Quebec athlete Katherine Stewart-Jones] and I lurk trailside with Justin absorbing molicules of wisdom & rays of sunshine.

Who's teaching who? Jenn Jackson and Justin Wadsworth

Who’s teaching who? Jenn Jackson and Justin Wadsworth


  • Big ankle flexion = free energy during offset
  • Upper body movement is ok. The shoulders and hips must move as a unit to ensure full weight transfer over each ski and maximize glide off each leg
  • Even when skiing slow it’s important to keep the movement from ski to ski dynamic. The kick should be finished with a short plyometric ‘pop’ should
  • Even rad coaches like Justin get sassed by their athletes. It’s slightly more crushing however when Ivan and Lenny do the razzing.

Day 2-
Kieran and I begin the day early with a very early morning secret coaches ski. When you’re a coach it’s important that the first skate ski of the season occurs in a quiet area amongst people you trust. Snow plowing in front of Devon Kershaw is never cool, even if he IS from Onaping.

Sunrise secret fitness club. People in shape need not apply.

Sunrise secret fitness club. People in shape need not apply.

Today Jenn Jackson was up for some hardcore lab testing. Deep in CCC headquarters Nat’l Team physiologist Jodi Hawley hooked Jen up to a Rollerski harness, stuffed a breathing tube into her mouth and made Jenn rollerski progressively faster while she stabbed her intermitantly [with needles]. It was some heavy duty science stuff that designed to test the following;

  • V02 Max
  • Lactate curve
  • Jenn’s patience


Heavy duty science

Heavy duty science

The camp has involved A LOT of activities outside of training. Just as Jack’s presentation at the SOD camp taught us, physical is only 1 performance component. To that end the CCC’s Women’s Committee organized sessions on teambuilding, sports psych and some cooking classes which all take place before, during, and after training.

Tonight my FAVORITE ATHLETE IN THE WHOLE WORLD Clara Hughes is giving a presentation. To say ‘I’M SO CRAZY RIDICULOUSLY STOKED I MIGHT EXPLODE’, would be an understatement.

Snow Watch Ontario Edition is kicking off today!
Because we skiers need to stick together in our excitement for winter.
This year there are PRIZES!
Send me pictures of snowfall in your town, at your club, or under your skiis and I will post it on the blog and on twitter.

Prizes will be awarded under the categories of;

  • most awesome snow
  • most awesome picture

Today; Lappe crushed it in the category of ‘early snowfall’. Dissapointed to note there are no ski tracks in this fine snowfall. Rumor has it Werner and Paul have ‘gone soft.’ Reijo your prize is in the mail [it’s a Rex headband].

Lappe. Oct 21, 2013

Lappe. Oct 21, 2013

[1] J.R.R Tolkien reference to Treebeard, an Ent who famously states “don’t be hasty” in the Two Towers

[2] George Martin reference from the series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ where traditionally, a white raven is released from the Citadel to proclaim the arrival of winter.

[3] Matt Whitcomb is rumoured to have said this while Tom Holland had him in a headlock


2 Comments on “Winter 2014 has arrived.

  1. You are the best Pav. Sarah said she saw you at the Food and Wine Show in Calgary and yet I saw you just last week heading out the door with a gun. I did not however see you come back in. Where did you go? I miss you.

  2. I will enjoy reading your Blog updates this winter.

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