Silverstar- Part I


Second day of training is done,
And we skiers are having so much fun!
Although the training camp has barley begun,
Us athletes are already adapting to altitude.
Real — not roller — skiing on snow,
No simple technical transition.
Took an afternoon nap,
Then slipped out for a second ski!
Slap! Slap! Slap!

Sounds of sloppy technique,
To the coaches constructive critique.
While slowly, signs of improvement:
Spark, sparkle, shine.
And like a swans swift flight,
Skiers come in from the night,
To take their seats and eat.
This — the second day — done. 

The poem summarizes how the first two days of the camp have gone. I think it is a common group consensus that the transition from roller skiing to real skiing is far more difficult then we had expected. In the mornings we have done medium distance and worked on technique, then in the afternoon have gone for a short ski to work on what we had learned in the morning.

Altitude is another change that the group has had to adapt to. Staying in zone 1 is decently challenging. Checking the heart rate monitor far more frequently then normal.

All in all great first couple days of the camp. Silverstar’s a great place with majestic views. Spectacular skiing, trail system is unreal. Have high hopes for the rest of this camp.


Ryan & Maks [ghostwritten by Gavin Sheilds]


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