Ontario in Norway.

A quick update for those anxious or otherwise curious members of our family back at home…

Jackie boards KLM from Calgary to Amsterdam

Jackie boards KLM from Calgary to Amsterdam

We arrived in Norway last night after a full night/day of flying. The flight was long but the food was good. The airport in Amsterdam was pretty was gigantic, beautiful, and mysterious. Very Scandinavian.

Casual Amsterdam sunrise

Casual Amsterdam sunrise

We are staying in Drammen, home of the World Cup city sprint. The team in living in a ski house called the Hovik. We share a kitchen and living room with three Swedes [who are rarely home coincidentally], but otherwise the athletes have five cozy double bed euro rooms to themselves.

Finding adequate snow coverage has proved a challenge so far. How ironic that we flew to Norway and couldn’t find ski trails. Until Sunday Norway had no snow- it’s been coming down steadily since then but the base here is still pretty minimal. We hunt around this morning and wound up in the legendary Holmenkollen, site of the historic 2011 World Champs. We attempted a ski in front of the Royal Family’s winter home, but with the risk of rock-rilling our skis athletes opted to run instead.

Optimistic about snow

Optimistic about snow

Team @ Holmenkollen

Team @ Holmenkollen

Team impressions of Hollmenkollen;
-everything looks old
-the ski jump is huge, scary, and awesome
-Holmenkollen is part of the larger neighborhood of Oslo, people live directly next to the sprint course
-a lot of money and infrastructure have been invested in skiing here
-the Holmenkollen sprint course was less intimidating in real life

This afternoon we fought jet-lag with a gym workout in downtown Drammen. Then we hit up the local grocery store, did furious mental math converting Norwegian Kroners to Canadian Dollars [5.68NKR=1CAD].

Tomorrow we take our quest for snow up into the mountains to Norefjell where we have been guaranteed lots of snow and groomed trails.


Some interesting things are in the pipeline for the next few days…stay tuned


3 Comments on “Ontario in Norway.

  1. Thanks Pav looks all really great minus the snow! Thanks for taking care of everyone!



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