Change- and the next Adventure

Change implies unanticipated challenges. I used to think I didn’t like it. Things change I guess.

2013/2014 was my favorite season yet. I spent more time than ever before working trailside with athletes in training and competition. I finally met Petter Northug. Best of all I watched Ontario climb from 4th place at Nationals [1,295 points behind 1st] to 2nd place this year, only 57 points behind 1st.

This season was full of new, unanticipated challenges. I spent over 6 consecutive months coaching on the road. I lived on couches, in mop cupboards, and in a tent. I visited 13 countries in 365 days. I came up against things I could never have anticipated, a trip to Norway that started with no snow, running six races in eight days in three different countries, and the loss of a significant family member.

In April I took some time to kick back on a beach. Standing in the pouring rain watching sharks swim in the Wineglass Bay I thought about the past season. I was tired yes- but mostly I felt exhilarated. As any good coach knows, there’s a special kind of confidence that comes from overcoming challenges- it’s quiet a feeling to know you are capable of more than you realized. I came away from this season even more motivated to work towards becoming on of Canada’s World Cup coaches.

Today I’ve mustered the courage to tackle another change. After ten years in Ontario and three years with Cross Country Ontario I will be stepping away from my role as Ontario Coach to move back home to Whitehorse and spend more time with my family. This will take effect June 1 after the first Ontario Ski Team camp of the year.

The decision to leave Cross Country Ontario has been incredibly hard. In my role as Ontario Coach I had the honor of acting as an ambassador for our sport. Ski communities across the Province opened their doors to me. Ski families opened their homes to me & made me one of their own. My most cherished memories will be the times I spent getting to know the vibrant young athletes of this Province. What a privilege to be involved in helping athletes realize their goals. The passion and enthusiasm of our athletes has been an unending source of motivation for me. The worst thing about leaving this job is the knowledge I won’t get a chance to work with some of the kids I’ve been looking forward to seeing for years.IMG_5063

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone in Ontario who made this one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I will miss you all so, so much.

So what’s next for Pav? Well- after 10 years out of the Yukon I’ll be returning home. Rudy has already said I’m not allowed to stay with him so I’ll be moving into my mom’s spare room in Whitehorse June 1st. I don’t have a job lined up- just a plan to volunteer coach, begin my NCI Level 4 and look for work opportunities that will allow me to keep afloat and focus my energy on coaching.

I leave with these two final statements;

  • I am absolutely still dedicated to High Performance skiing
  • Happiness and opportunity aren’t something you wait around for…they’re something you go out and create.

To the next adventure…







3 Comments on “Change- and the next Adventure

  1. Good luck in the future Pav ❤ Ontario will miss you dearly! You are a phenomenal coach!

  2. Don’t be sad, because your saying good bye, you should be happy because you have memories with them that you’ll cherish forever.
    We will miss you-wishing you many successes!

  3. I have enjoyed reading your blogs; you write so well. I have watched you coach while at Lappe and know you will succeed in coaching in the future.

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