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Pavlina Sudrich is a retired cross country ski coach. Her coaching style was described as rampantly enthusiastic, peppered with salty language, and full of disgustingly fun workouts. Sudrich was the head coach of Cross Country Ontario and worked for the Alberta World Cup Academy. While Pavlina’s complete resume is far too lengthy to list all of her accomplishments, some of the highlights include being listed on the Top 20 Under 20, being a CBC Radio news host, and reading more youth fiction than has actually been written. A Whitehorse native with a background in competitive skiing, first hand experience with European coaching styles, and a flair for the dramatic (please see her youtube videos). Extremely personable, outgoing, and outrageous, Pavlina considers among her many, many pastimes; butchering moose, caribou and espressos, lightly abusing her dog Oliver, attending old-lady fitness classes, dressing up in ridiculous costumes, and cooking delicious omelet’s, often all at the same time. Bio courtesy of Kieran Jones

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